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Stockton Creek Watershed Preserve and Trails

MPUD, in collaboration with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) and the Sierra Foothill Conservancy (SFC), acquired 410 acres of land in 2011 adjacent to and upstream of the Stockton Creek Reservoir. In 2019, MPUD acquired land south of the Stockton Creek Dam, adding 360 acres of open space to the preserve.  MPUD and SFC have been constructing public use trails and sponsoring fuel reduction projects and organizing tours in the watershed. Over 4 miles of trails and two trail head kiosks are available for public access to the preserve. Over time the project is expected to reduce risk of catastrophic fire, improve water quality and enhance wildlife habitat in the watershed as well as provide public access to hiking and biking trails close to the town of Mariposa. Please be mindful that the Preserve does touch private property and No Trespassing signs shall be obeyed.

Information about recreation within the Stockton Creek Preserve: Resolution 2012-1741-1

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