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The Board of Directors are pleased to announce they have appointed Susan Wages to the position of General Manager of the Mariposa Public Utility District (MPUD) to replace retiring General Manager Mark Rowney. Susan has been the Office Manager at MPUD since September 2013. The General Manager position at MPUD is an “at will” employment under the California Public Utility Code. The MPUD General Manager also holds the title of District Clerk, Auditor and Treasurer.

Susan is a Mariposa County High School graduate and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Fresno State University. She currently holds a California State license as an Environmental Health Specialist, a D-1 public water distribution operator license and a T-2 public water treatment operator license. Susan and her husband have owned a second-generation contracting construction business in Mariposa for over 25 years. 

Mark Rowney has been employed by MPUD since November 1977. He was appointed as General Manager in May of 1979.  During Marks 43-year tenure with MPUD, he has completed many significant projects, over $23.3 million in grant funds, along with the support of staff and the MPUD Board of Directors.  

   Year                                           Project Title                                                                Project Cost                            Grant Funds

   1983                    Construction of Wastewater Treatment Facility

   1983                    Construction of Surface Water Treatment Facility

   1989                         Sewer Main Construction, assessment district                                 $1,150,400                         $854,900

   1995                                Saxon Creek Water Supply Project                                           $10,063,900                     $7,355,200

   1997       Hospital Water Tank Replacement and construction of Water Mains              $1,000,000                     $1,000,000

   2000                              Construction of MPUD Fire Station #1                                            $750,000

   2004                 Water Main Replacement (replace 1952 vintage water mains)               $1,900,000                      $1,900,000

   2011              Stockton Creek Conservancy land acquisition, 410 acres                          $1,000,000                      $1,000,000

   2011                Construction of new Surface Water Treatment Facility                            $4,999,110                      $4,999,110

   2014                       Ground water wells 5 and 6, drought assistance                                  $181,470                         $181,470

   2018       Stockton Creek Conservancy, additional land acquisition, 360 acres                  $99,536                           $99,536

   2019         Construction of improvements to the Wastewater Treatment Facility          $9,030,000                      $6,000,000


Mark is planning to leave employment with MPUD in September 2020.