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The Mariposa Public Utility District (MPUD) was established in 1947. The District provides water and wastewater services to the town of Mariposa. The District currently has 722 service connections and is approximately 873 acres in size.

MPUD's primary facilities include:

  • Wastewater Treatment Facility, permitted for 0.610 MGD

  • Surface Water Treatment Facility, 1 MGD

  • Stockton Creek Reservoir and Dam

  • Saxon Creek Water Project (Merced River)

  • Administrative Office, 4992 7th Street

  • State certified ELAP water quality laboratory for wastewater and bacteriological analysis


Mariposa Public Utility District has eight full-time employees, including:  general manager, customer service clerk, three water and wastewater system certified operators and three operators-in-training. The Operations Supervisor is certified as the "Chief Plant Operator" for the water and wastewater systems. 

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